1. Nonnie Moose

    Dude is gettin’ his Charlie Sheen on.

  2. It’s west hollywood, so I’m assuming there are at least two penises in that picture.

  3. Which one of those hookers is his meth dealer?

  4. The residuals he’s getting from Goonies can still pay for hookers? I want my children to be actors.

  5. Who would have ever imagined that Corey Haim was the lucky one?

  6. Cracky Feldman the Whore Chorus.

  7. No, no, Corey, there is no “Ken” for the Bratz dolls…

  8. I would love to party with him for just one night. We would laugh our asses off.

  9. Groupies will fuck anything that has a tinge of fame attached to it.

  10. 3rd string whores.

  11. Well, now I know LA Backpage isn’t much better then Raleigh Backpage.

  12. C list Charlie Sheen. Well, at least he is willing to work with Lindsay Lohan.

  13. Facts

    lol. Haim does not yet realize that only one of his friends was born a woman.

  14. “You girls wanna come with me? I’ve got…a ‘License to Drive.’ ”
    “So? What’s so special about that? We’ve all got driver’s licenses.”
    “No, that was the name of a movie I was in. ‘License to Drive.’ ”
    “Never heard of it. When did it come out?”
    “Um…let me think…1988.”
    “Yyyeah…none of us was alive then.”

  15. Tillman

    Charlie Sheen did it first, did it better and is already regretting it and has moved on. It’s kind of like “Loaded Weapon” vs. “Meatballs 4″ all over again. Added Bonus: Charlie’s girls had actual vaginas.

  16. They think he’s Charlie Sheen, He thinks they’re women.

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