1. JC

    “Pssst…I’m not having sex with the other girl, either.”

  2. Michael Jackson is trying to tell us he’s alive!

  3. It’s nice to see rich black guys fucking white prostitutes for a change. America has certainly come a long way.

  4. Amber: I’ll screw any famous person.
    Wiz: That’s why I love you today, ho.

  5. Wasnt she pregnant?

  6. Cock Dr

    I’m glad that someone else is apparently taking care of the baby.

  7. You know, if you’d just spring for the $3.99 “I’m with Stupid” T-shirts, you wouldn’t have to keep pointing at each other all night.

  8. alex

    I like that he’s drinking champagne. The beverage of thugs everywhere. Wiz is just begging to get into a pushing match with Perez Hilton.

  9. How long before she drops him and moves on to her next meal ticket?

  10. Darth Vader says Rock is better than Rap.

  11. Rick

    Oooh-oooh-oooh AAAAH-AAAAH-AAAAH!!
    *flings poop*

  12. Pine Table Fever

    And right wing goons get all fucking swivel-eyed about the apparent dangers of same sex parents? I wouldn’t trust these clowns with a house plant, let alone a child.

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