1. Anthony

    Jesus that’s hideous and fucking stupid…. and don’t get me started on the graffiti.

  2. Why did he paint John Mayer on Sarah Jessica Parker?

  3. A shithead and his latest turd.

  4. Looks just like him.

  5. That horse has seen things… terrible things….

  6. Too bad he didn’t paint a mural of a big bullseye. I’d bet at least half the people in his audience carry guns.

  7. He’s already drawing pictures of Rihanna’s decomposing skull. Does he have X-ray vision?

  8. As much as I hate to admit it, I recently ran across some photos on the ‘net that totally explain what Rihanna sees in this guy. He’s hung like a fucking Clydesdale. And I would bet money that it’s the only thing RiRi sees in him.

  9. Pine Table Fever

    Jesus, I’ve seen better pieces done by my friend’s three year old kid. Fucking toy.

  10. the wrecker

    He does love the horse penis.

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