1. Maybe affirmitive action isn’t always a good idea.. Maybe we DON’T need a black Captain America

  2. I hope that’s Drake’s wanted level.

  3. Many Boffins died to bring him that jacket.

  4. Amanda Bynes

    I wonder how many animals had their vaginas murdered to make that coat?

  5. Swearin

    I’m pretty sure they don’t have black people or Canadians in Narnia, he’ll stand out

  6. Natty Ice

    Just like the sign says. Everything about this picture is a big fat “NO”.

  7. He’s a dandy. He’s a real fancy boy!

  8. JW

    I don’t remember the Friends episode where Ross tried to be a pimp???

  9. It’s post-meno-chic, people. Come on.

  10. Bonky

    Drakes fashion rule is “If its good enough for my grandma, its good
    enough for me”.

  11. T

    “I wear my Buby’s coat, I look incredible…”

  12. Well, now all I can see is Boo Boo Bear.

  13. MZ MIZRY

    congrats to drake.
    banging rihanna got him a place in the crap we missed.

  14. JimBB


  15. PassingTrue

    Listen children and I will tell you the story of Liberace and the Home Boy.

  16. I’m old, tie up your boots laces if you enjoy falling face 1st into the pavement fuck face!

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