1. “Look, your highness, I was able to make a mold of your fingers…”

  2. Elizabeth II

    “Sire, The peasants have no toilet seats.”
    “Let them make them out of cake.”

  3. Yep, definitely in England, looking at that woman…

  4. Commoner: It’s a giant pretzel, your highness.
    Prince: Yes, I see. Well, good on you, and keep an eye out. Where there’s one, there’s bound to be others. I’ll be sure to inform the Ministry of Defence.

  5. “The pretzel, Your Grace, was a snack much enjoyed by your fucking Nazi loving great uncle, Edward VIII.”


  6. “This is for you your highness. It’s ugly, dry and flaky but it’s all yours.”
    “No thank you. I have one of those at home. We call it Camilla.”

  7. Charles – “No thankyou, Sugartits, one is on a diet.”

  8. Inner Retard

    The commoners actually eat this? Nahhh, you’re just messing with me! Really?! *picks up pretzel carefully… stops* Am I being punked?!

  9. He’s probably wondering why she’s holding his morning shit on a napkin…

  10. crb

    “They say I’m supposed to eat peasant-food to appease the masses now, eh?”

  11. “This poor charwoman keeps insisting that this is actually edible.”

  12. Would you like a pretzel with your sausage fingers?

  13. JimBB

    Yes, Your Majesty, Camilla’s stool was especially healthy this morning…

  14. PassingTrue

    He just signed the hubcab from the black Mercedes S-280

  15. donkeylicks

    “And this is something you people eat!?!”

  16. “Pardon, I said I don’t eat foods made by people genetically incapable of making more than 30,000 pounds a year, not that you weigh 30– Oh, bullocks.”

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