1. Well I guess we can all rest easy now that we know why she had a baby in the first place: counterweight…

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    What a fashionable stroller. How now brown cow.

  3. Following close behind, the tide.

  4. buzz

    Someone needs her pamper changed and I don’t mean the baby.

  5. That’s just gross.

  6. er



  7. There is no baby in that stroller. She couldn’t fit it and her shopping in the carriage. Don’t worry. Child services will pick up her child eventually.

  8. Karen

    I saw that in a catalog – a stroller with an oversized rear airbag.

  9. That’s just Kanye in the stroller trying to avoid being seen with her.

  10. Don’t worry, guys, it’s ok. I was worried too until I was reassured the stiletto heels are carbon fibre.

  11. I Need a Wheelbarrow for My Ass

    when the picture popped up, I felt like I had suddenly been poked in the eye. hey, maybe that’s what happened to elton.

  12. BeckyStyles

    HAHAHA! If you look at the 3 previous pictures and imagine them thinking “Who Farted?” and you get to this picture! It’s funny because that ass probably smells like farts.

  13. Thank you for covering up that ugly baby.

  14. Her ASS is pregnant now too… It has really taken on a life of its own.

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