1. Put a dress on, and it’s Jackie O.

  2. Schadenfreude

    Bruce Jenner in a role of a lifetime: “Helen Gurley-Brown, the Middle Years”.

  3. His internal theme music has to be 80′s techno.

  4. Ralph

    I wonder what type of panties he wears.

  5. Man, what is going ON with this guy/girl?

  6. fred

    I hesitate to say this, but that is the most attractive Adam’s apple that I have ever seen.

  7. It really pisses Bruce off when people insinuate that he’s trying to look like a woman when he is clearly going for a look he calls “Lion-O”.

  8. He needs to get that Adam’s Apple Shaved down

  9. Bruce left disappointed after he found out that that wasn’t the secret signal for gay sex on the wall.

  10. “There’s the finish line, Bruce, just like in the old days. Feel the muscles move… lean… gazelle-like. You’re a well-oiled machine. You’re pushing through the burn and over the wall, speeding ever-closer to that gold medal. Only this time, you’re going to do it your way. Bernice’s way.”

  11. Hey, isn’t that Larry King?

  12. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Is that a box of hormone replacement pills in your pocket or are you just ahppy to see me?

  13. Brit

    Indiana Jones and the hunt for a feather boa and an Abba backing track…

  14. Exiting the ladies room.

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