1. A name like “Team You Fight Against Bullies” doesn’t work if it makes anyone who hears it want to beat you.

  2. Yeah, they always charge me extra when I make them dress up, too.

  3. Schadenfreude

    Scott Evil with his next-generation Fembots!

  4. “Hold them like this, and more outward. Okay, now when I yell action…ooooaahhh….you look straight at me and say….ooooo….’Looks like we’re going to have to do you to death, Mr. Green’….mmmmm….okay….ACTION!”

  5. Getting them to dress up like that is well worth the money.

    As an aside.

  6. the women appear to be part of Team Unicorn… Seth has worked with them previously on other projects.

  7. Swearin

    Yes, because that’s what every nerdy, bullied young boy needs to see; hot chicks they’ll never bang dressed up in superhero costumes.

  8. Power Puff Girls Activate! No, no, that’s not it.
    Power Puff Girls Unite! No, that’s not it either…
    Aw fuck it, Power Puff Girls Undress! Yeahhhhh, that’ll work.

  9. “Look, girls, there’s no sugar coating this. When I get in the shot, I have to look eight inches taller. Eight. It’s some Lord of the Rings type shit. So, again, fold your legs, fold your arms, and fold your spines. Gooooooooooo GREEN!”

  10. PassingTrue

    Damn, the catholic power girls have super thigh clench powers

  11. I’d rather be dead than red on the head, like a dick on a dog.

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