1. The acting career no longer paying the bills? He’s got to break into parking meters to get a few quarters out?

  2. “Come on, you robot muthafucker. Give my change or tell me my fortune!”

  3. “I think this viewmaster is broken.”

  4. buzz

    No matter how many times he swipes his credit card into that machine– he isn’t going to see nickel porn reels like he did in the old days.

  5. “Could you please let me park here? My daughter is Angelina Jolie.”

  6. Inner Retard

    Are you my daughter? You look like her? Won’t talk to me like her. Are you sure you’re not my daugh… It went away! Just left. You ARE my daughter!

  7. Me

    “Hello, Angelina , kids grandpa is here to see you hello anyone home?”

  8. Dirty Old Man

    “I put the credit card in like you said, now show me your tits!”

  9. “Have you seen my LeBaron? Some short bald guy was supposed to park it for me.”

  10. Fingergod

    “I put a penny into this here Kinetoscope but I’m not seeing the movie!”

  11. “I’ll be gawddamned…a 1965 JFK fifty-cent piece…Hey, anyone got a hammer?”

  12. Ruckus

    “Good morning Mr. Phelps….”

  13. “Fucking Democrats and their socialist parking meters.”

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