1. I apologize to the person I’m stealing this from, but


    Still would, though.

  2. I thought this was Michelle Rodriguez for a minute.

  3. She’s been Kutchered.

  4. This is a mistake, Mila.

  5. Wow, From a 10 to a 2 so fast

  6. “Siri? Where is the nearest abortion clinic?”

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    WHAT?!? … Ashton didn’t come home last night?

    We’re shocked … schocked to learn he’s still a douchbag!

    {Demi Moore’s high, shrill cackle can be heard in the distance}

  8. The conscious unhotling has begun. Actually, it all started the moment she got back with Kutcher.

  9. Benedict

    Time for the special type of vacuum, Mila.

  10. Carrying his baby inside. Wearing his clothes outside. Ashton Kutcher may have actually mind-swapped with her.

  11. capn obvious

    I’ll just leave this here:

    Makeup does magic.

  12. JimBB

    Too bad you can’t abort a Kutcher baby. No matter how hard you try to kill it, it keeps coming back in another goddamn series.

  13. PassingTrue

    Mila has been punked, or possibly spunked.

  14. No downvotes will bother me for getting this off my chest: Every time a pregnant woman’s photo is posted here, the collective cry of “RUUUUIIIIINNNNED!” is just… so sad. That’s a woman nurturing a baby with her body. (I know it’s Ashton Kutcher’s baby, but still.) Granted, this is a T&A site, but it would be BEYOND cool if you acted like gentlemen when sexy times make a woman a mom.

  15. martina

    Well, it’s official now, guys, she’s not a virgin any more.

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