1. Do you think he puffs his hair up so he looks as tall as she does?

  2. He’s mentally calculating how long he has to stick out this relationship until he can dump her ass and return to his harem without taking a major PR hit.

  3. [Under his breath]: “I swear if you mention marriage one more time, my nipples will start bleeding…”

  4. Is he trying to look like a middle age lesbian? If so, mission accomplished.

  5. Fuck the both of them.

  6. She has the look of ‘now I’m set for life’ whereas he’s probably wondering if Hillary Duff would like another ring.

  7. thecrazybetty

    his head looks like a dick.

  8. crb

    Not pictured: chinstrap for Simon’s hair-appliance.

  9. “I’m really starting to regret fucking her…”

  10. TheGhost

    That guy is a pompous, square headed douche bag.

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