1. The hat says it all.

  2. buzz

    What’s with the bruised knuckles? Fight Club or girlfriend beater?

  3. Oh didn’t know she was a fister.

  4. I’ve known she was gay for a long time but I still would.

  5. Swearin

    Guess which famous Hollywood actor has one that says Tom Girl?

  6. Flannel shirt? Nothing like living up to the stereotype, I’ll bet she drives a Subaru to the WNBA games.

  7. Wayne’s World 3?

  8. Fingergod

    “Outta my way, hoser. I gotta get me a two-four before the Leafs game starts, eh.”

  9. capn obvious

    How edgy.

    Can’t we deport these Canadian douchetards?

  10. JimBB

    Guess there’s no more point in not dressing like a trucker, huh?

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