1. Awwwwww yissss. Fat man likey.

  2. To think, only a couple hours earlier he was successfully blackmailing her into crapping on his head lest he release pictures of her without makeup….

  3. Seconds later, he was murdered by Shakira’s husband, because close enough.

  4. Keep drinking soda, fattie

  5. That man’s expression speaks for all of us.

  6. Cock Dr

    If there WERE angels one of them would have flapped over and tipped that red drink all over the white stretched 2 the max fabric gripping dat ass.

  7. That’s what a mental upload to the Spank Bank looks like.

  8. “Mmm, yeah, look at that. So rich. So juicy. I would devour that…are they both from Starbucks?”

  9. Gorbachev totally would be an ass man.

  10. Billy Joel’s got a ‘Big Shot’ that he wants to put on dat azz.

  11. Ha, I was so disturbed by that Fat dude and that scary mark on his head that I didnt even see JLo until I read the caption.

  12. The “big-boned” gent in the background is on his break from the IRS office around the corner and the sartorial splendor he is displaying could (if he plays his cards right) very easily get him a job as a model in CPA Monthly.

  13. Ronaldo

    Who can blame him? Nobody cant stop staring at it.

  14. PassingTrue

    He’s wondering if she makes her own gravy.

  15. journalschism

    “Hey baby, I’ll drive YOUR car. Get it? See, I’m a limo driver and I’m imagining your fat ass as a metaphorical steering wheel, in which I’d use my dick for said steering. Chicks tell me I’m hysterical. Witty, even.”

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