1. I have those exact same shoes at home.

  2. It’s amazing that Photo Boy didn’t post that pic of her with her dog resting between her butt-crack…

  3. She’s basically Sisyphus, only instead of pushing a rock, she labors to keep one man’s erection up for more than five seconds.

  4. This pic is working for me. Too bad it’s a picture of a gold digger.

  5. Cock Dr

    All hail PhotoShop, Lord & Master of the Internets.

  6. Fancy Face

    The Force of the Photoshop is strong with this one.

  7. Swearin

    Photoshop? I’m pretty sure that’s actually what Hef looks like now; a wrinkly, ancient boulder

  8. There is so much fake going on here I don’t know where to start.

  9. Dis how whore look.

  10. anonym

    all that plastic surgery has fucked up her face.

    I’ve always thought her face was a little masculine

  11. Why doesn’t she just get it over with and change her name to Vivian?

  12. MarketingMike

    It’s true, slamming 2″, 90 year old peen can tire a girl out.

  13. Dafuq are you guys looking at!?!? I can block out that it is a goldigging, geezer banging whore, this is by far the hottest piece of ass posted on here in a while.

  14. “I’m tired of trying to get the “Old Duffer” hard, and for what, 3 minutes of “pure bliss?” So…would somebody with a large stiff prick come over and fuck me silly? Thank you…”

  15. juanhunglow

    I have no shot at her as she loves bbc and old rich white penis.

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