1. Deacon Jones

    “…heY Maan. Im almost outta untied leather boots bro. hook me up”

  2. Ksurfiws

    …are they looking? OMG! outta my pants. Get Outta MY PANTS!

  3. Dude..don’t look, but right behind you is a guy with really shitty dreadlocks…

  4. The Critical Crassness

    “No, I’m not John Travolta! He’s the other bald guy, over there ! “

  5. Thats not a drug deal, they are holding each others cocks.

  6. eric

    a) oversized sunglasses
    b) guilty look in a park
    c) guy in the background that looks like he gargles cock for a living
    d) what are three signs that an actor is a bone smuggler?

  7. The ska festival is over. Please leave the premise.

  8. timmy the dying boy

    “Nope, I can’t find it either.”

  9. Arzach

    Oh man! that was smooth, totally!

  10. cc

    I dunno, looks like some impending Larry Craig action.

  11. “I don’t have much time, an insane anemic has-been actress is holding my family hostage and forcing me to date her; please help us. Shit, here she comes.”

  12. “Joaquin Phoenix? Where? I bought these glasses on my own dime!”

  13. Friday

    Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance.

  14. Lafayette is going to be pissed!

  15. cujo

    that’s NOT David Blaine and that’s NOT street magic.

  16. “Can’t a guy get a public hj in peace?”

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