1. Hausdrache

    Oh dear. I thought for a second that Marylin Manson was somehow relevant again.

  2. oh will you stop it, Evan Rachael Woods is over you.

  3. Gaga and Taylor Momsen should do a duet called “Weird and Whorish…we got nuttin’ else”

  4. eric

    I wonder if she glues that bony body art over her gagina

  5. fatguyinalittleshirt

    she looks like she smells…. and not in a good way.

  6. Cock Dr

    Isn’t it just so cutting edge & hot?
    Ugly up perfectly ordinary looking young women into transgender heroine addicts, then dress them in clothes that look like they came out of a dumpster.
    Somehow this convinces a certain number of fools to buy the clothes, makeup, & accessories for outrageous amounts of $$.
    I think there might be pop music also involved in this process somehow. Go figure.

  7. Still looks like a dude in drag

  8. BEE

    I heard shes really Paul from the Wonder Years. . .

  9. Double D

    I’d rather fuck a blender.

  10. American Meatgoat

    more clothes inside…It’s an interesting marketing tactic, you put an almost naked Gaga on the cover, but promise that’s as bad as it gets.

  11. reformed_druid


  12. Dr. Moreau has fused The Black Swan and Marilyn Manson. That twisted Fuck!

  13. Joann

    did she just get the dirty pirated?

  14. Sangriatic

    No one’s arguing that she keeps her wardrobe inside herself, we’re just curious as to what else is in there..

  15. Dick


  16. DonDopey

    Once again I’m reminded that we are all indeed stars, in the dope show.

  17. She’s a robot. Look at that poor excuse for a belly-button.

  18. Slaps

    She needs to just stop it now.

  19. dontlooknow

    Face implants?

  20. MondayNightSteve

    I don’t care what anyone says, I would still fuck Marilyn Manson in the mouth.

  21. cujo

    steven cojocaru got a boner

  22. H6E6X6


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