1. And she finally realizes that yes, one day, she will look exactly like her mom.

  2. “you mean no one is rubbing one off to me?”

  3. Well, my face is stuck this way…what’s your excuse?

  4. eric

    “Damn, should have cleared that pube out of my throat before I left the hotel.”

  5. Arzach

    Legally Dumb

  6. cc

    Holy shit, those are MY PARENTS?

  7. When did Reese Witherspoon become a crazy cat lady?

  8. eeker

    She looks like Frances McDormand!

  9. castallare

    Shit! The Jaw is angry again! Sedate it!!

  10. Unflattering: adj. (1) This picture.

  11. Wells

    She just reminded me of Ledger’s Joker.
    You know, when he acts innocent during the whole Harvey-Rachel stuff.
    I need eyebleach :(

  12. Dick

    I though OJ took care of all the blonds in Brentwood. Fail.

  13. DonDopey

    She just Shatnered her pants.

  14. Charmless Man

    Reece Witherspoon doing an imitation of how all her movies make me feel.

  15. Sometimes I forget that she’s from Tennessee, and then I see this face.

  16. Manowl

    She is retracting her chin… this means she is about to strike! DUCK!

  17. “Does this jacket make my chin look human?”

  18. friendlyfires

    I do NOT have hair on my chinny-chin-chin!

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