1. Anyone know what “Extremely Shitty Movie Title” is about?

    • MrsEllis

      It’s based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer about an autistic kid who lost his father in 9/11. It’s better than it sounds, but it’s only good because the writer is talented. It probably won’t translate to film very well at all.

  2. chelsea

    the coke parties in the Lincoln Bedroom during the Clinton years

  3. Ksurfiws

    “He told me he thought there was too much mousse in my hair and that it looked ‘greasy’, that’s when I reared back and scratched his eyes out”

  4. Tom Hanks? Thought it was Fred Armisen.

  5. If my hair isn’t perfect by the time I count to THREE, I’ll have you shot.
    one, two, TH…

  6. eric

    professional hair knitter

  7. Robb

    He appears to be getting extremely loud as she gets incredibly close.

  8. You know you’re short when an Asian woman can touch the top of your head.

  9. cc

    The juicebox fooled no one.

  10. Hank’s had twice-a-day widow’s peak massages written into his contract.

  11. Eli

    Why is Adam Lambert tapping Tom Hanks head?

  12. The curly haired version of the “comb-over” is called the “squish-around”.

  13. Sharkbait

    I’m pinching your head!

  14. Uncle Caw-yin

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Making Bombs

  15. DonDopey

    I can’t wait to see this and see why Pete Wentz is beating him up.

  16. dontlooknow

    That’s not where you do a “pat down”.

  17. Charmless Man

    You should have seen the DaVinci Code! His mullet was, like, out to HERE!

  18. Proving once again that they can do anything America can, the Japanese put the finishing touches on their very own robot version of Tom Hanks.

  19. josh brolin

    this is how john travolta healed marlon brando’s leg

  20. bb

    It’s in my hair! It’s in my hair!

  21. So there’s feng shui for hair now, too.

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