1. The Pope of Cleveland

    This is what I fear a remake of “Big Trouble In Little China” would look like.

  2. He brung an extra shirt in case he spills his juice on the one he’s wearing

  3. eric

    I hate it when millionaire celebrities dress like high school kids that dug their clothes out of dumpsters

  4. Booyal

    It looks more like a japan relief shirt to me.

  5. Deuce

    You’re telling me that’s NOT Johnny Knoxville ?

  6. Spaghettti

    It is. It says ‘ganbare nihon’ – good luck japan

  7. Chatafuccup

    He’s got Japan relief shirts from Tokidoki. Did you contribute to Japan relief/aid?!?! Tools talking crap on someone who is supporting a cause. I don’t even know who dude is but I’m call out the trolls.

  8. aja

    yeah…thats tokidoki tsunami relief gear

  9. Ismoss

    Pretty slow week huh? if it weren’t for Brown there wouldn’t have been shit. Not one decent pair of hooters.

  10. DonDopey

    Hi I’m Johnny Knoxville and this is shopping in LA.

  11. I thought it was that guy from Glee.

  12. Lauren

    Scumbag Steve?

  13. H6E6X6

    What can we really expect from a man who is voluntarily banging that Fergie thing

  14. Really needed two of those t-shirts, huh?

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