1. Why is she wearing earrings when it’s apparent no one will see them?

  2. So she hit the gym enough to feel comfortable wearing a bikini but decided to cover the lower half with cargo netting?

  3. she certainly is melony.

  4. As soon as I find an appropriate length stick and beat off this weasel looking German guy dressed in black, I am gonna take those earrings and find the Lost Ark.

  5. Seems like her and Reese are having a chin race… first one to the knees wins!

  6. The Blue Pill

    First I thought it was Melanie Rios. They could be sisters. She does have a strong chin but who cares when it’s pointing at a body like that.

  7. lori

    Do you ever notice how almost every single woman you post pictures of here looks exactly the same? Plain, non-descript features, long, boring hair, and usually, fake, bolted-on breasts and no redeeming characteristics to speak of. Uninspiring, and actually, kind of depressing.

  8. stacy

    Eh. Seen so much better.

  9. blueballs

    Her face is shaped like a fuckin snow cone, pass

  10. I bet those ear rings sound like a wind chime when you bang her.

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