1. it had to be said

    Her left titty is staring me down. I think it’s in to me.

  2. Let’s all remember for a moment that Ice-T used t write songs called “Cop Killer” and used to sing a in a thrash band called “Body Count”. A moment of silence, please.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Ice, we can smell the skank too.

  4. Never mind the toe. I think she’s got the whole camel in there.

  5. “Hey asshole, can’t you read the sign? Nothing over 3 tons.”

  6. Do_Freebird

    First bronto toe I’ve ever seen.

  7. Do_Freebird

    So Ice-T – been playing a lot of polo with the homies?

  8. Mrs. Salt

    The huge polo logo tells me he likes to ride horses….nuff said!

  9. j/k

    Even Ice-T wears U.S. Polo Club

  10. spartacus

    Sold out yet sukka?

  11. mbcl

    “What you lookin’ at Willis ?”

  12. turd da third

    If that spandex lets go, the world is doomed!

  13. stacy

    Google Coco Strip tease and you will see all you will ever need to or her.

  14. MRF

    T’s thinking about where he left that big ole bag o ‘dicks.

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