1. it had to be said

    I don’t know her, but I would have missed this if I had missed this.

  2. The Pope

    “Oh, yeah…I’m staring at that glass of water too.”

  3. NG

    It’s Sofia Vergara’s younger hotter sister.

  4. Skip Rediculous

    She certainly is the genesis of the wood I’m sporting now.

  5. Wait until you see her sister, Metagenesis!!!

  6. Genesis Rod. Nuff Said.

  7. So her shortened name is… Gene?

  8. jenny

    Holy shit she is beautiful.

  9. Doc

    That might just be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen… Wow…

  10. spartacus

    Well, I’m certainly an El Hornyguero right now.

  11. stacy

    Ok. This is the Internet. What is so special about that picture or her?

  12. bob

    She Genesissed something in mah pants too…

  13. cc

    I declare a new rule. If you have a rack like this and wear shirts/dresses that reveal this much of it, you should neither expect or demand that men look at your face while they are speaking to you.

  14. skunk

    i just jizzed in my pants

  15. WWTDD is better

    Nice tits whore!

  16. Crabby Old Guy

    Ms. Rodriguez, allow me to introduce you to, “El Boner Grande”.

  17. Pat C.

    I think you see women like this all the time on Spanish and Latin American TV shows – you’ll never run out of photo material.

  18. chupacabra

    oh yea, and now this is more like it.

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