1. mustard

    Where did his feet go?

  2. If you’re impressed by that magic trick, wait till you see him disappear a 12″ kielbasa.

  3. Tiggles

    Maybe if he clicks the heels of those boots together and repeats “there’s no place like da hood” he will be magically transported to Detroit.

  4. Well known fact that bright red boots attract 14 year old boys.

  5. catapostrophe

    “Where the white little boys at?”

  6. I always though Usher was a Black Ted Mosby

  7. Havana Bangdebut

    Why does he get a free pass? HE UNLEASHED BIEBER UPON THE EARTH AND FOR THAT HE SHOULD BE DESTROYED…and those boots look really stupid!

  8. Skippy86

    Those boots look like the plastic ones you slip on GI Joes.

  9. “What? I don’t see where all the hate come from. All I did was unleash Justin Bieber on the world.”

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