1. Don’t look so surprised Halle, that’s just old age coming for you.

  2. joe

    Maybe she’s born with it.

    Maybe it’s Insanebelline.

  3. WTF!?! That dud’e comb over is on backwards!!

  4. Grafikman

    Apparently, she likes it gangnam style.

  5. The voices in her head are starting to become a distraction.

  6. Inner Retard

    - That guy looked at my kid wrong. Beat him up!
    - Your kid isn’t here.
    - Then he looked at me wrong.
    - Ms. Berry, that’s a taco stand not a guy.

  7. “-Olivier! That masturbator, punch his face in the pavement.”

  8. Now a fuckin’ Asian guy? She’s really going after diversity.

  9. Guy: “Good Morning.”
    Halle: “What did you just call me?”
    Olivier: *Slams the guy’s face into the concrete*

  10. Please, Halle. You’ve literally had that hair for 10 years. Whatever animal you nailed onto your head is tired and wants to go home.

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