1. mustard

    Is it me or is he starting to look more and more like Sophia from Golden Girls?

  2. “Wait’ll they get a load of me..”

  3. Billy Jean King is doing amazing.. just amazing with that new diet…

  4. Juch

    “New Bud Light beer for old lesbians – the sure sign of a good time.”

  5. *note to self* must stop drinking to hide the broken man within. But, not today – bottoms up!

  6. cc

    Drinking away the tought of the hoin’ Kendall is going to be doing in the near future.

  7. That is one angry looking old lady.

  8. Cock Dr

    Bruce looks as though he’s lost most of his male hormones.
    Perhaps they were stolen.

  9. contusion

    Sadly he’ll be rockin’ that hairdo until the day he dies. Or is it the day he dyes?

  10. The devil comes in all kinds of disguises.

  11. Albert Nobbs had never had a beer before. He was afraid that under the influence of alcohol, he would betray the secret he had managed to keep hidden for thirty years. But certainly one beer wouldn’t cause the veneer to slip. It was just one beer, after all…

  12. Beer Baron

    old dirty bus stop tranny

  13. Who here is old enough to remember Billie Jean King?

  14. tlmck

    Looks like the new commercial for bitter beer face.

  15. Chris

    Cart Boy!

  16. Skippy86

    Know exactly what he is thinking here…”I was relevant once”.

  17. Vlad

    My precious

  18. Sometimes, I feel really sorry for him. His face says FML

  19. itsmelala

    at first I thought it was Ruth Buzzy

  20. “When the botox wears off, this beer is going to be sooo delicious!”

  21. First he get plastic surgery that makes him look like Jane Hathaway on The Beverly Hillbillies, then he marries into the Kardashian clan…I sure hope he doesn’t own a handgun.

  22. Why do they always say “Here’s Your beer Ma’am” ?

  23. He just realized he drank out of Kim’s cup, and that’s definitely not beer.

  24. Pete Nice

    Nice hands woman!

  25. How many times a day does he think to himself “What if I hadn’t made ‘Can’t Stop the Music’?”

  26. Satan's Right Hand

    He deserves his face

  27. Don Draper's Dad

    Christina, JESUS CHRIST!, phew Heidi, … AGH!

  28. The sad thing is, Bruce Jenner at one point in time was considered the greatest athlete on the planet earth. Seriously, Google the man. Now, he’s just some weirdo in-the-closet, cross-dressing, female-hormone-taking, brow-beaten, cuckolded “husband”. So sad to see what he’s become. Don’t get me wrong, it’s HILARIOUS but also sad.

    • How sad that some of the younger people in this forum don’t know his story. An incredible athlete plus he was actually pretty good looking as well. Now he looks like a post-menopausal librarian.

  29. Even since she filmed Albert Nobbs, Glen Close’s been having trouble switching off the Method thing.

  30. journalschism

    This fame-whoring is making me thirsty!

  31. Oh dear God, did I just drop my dentures in my beer again?

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