1. Fredical

    Randy Savage wanted to haunt Hulk Hogan when he died, but he somehow wound up possessing the Incredible Hulk’s dad instead.

  2. He really loves his purses, doesn’t he?

  3. Nick Nolte sticks the landing after leaping from the 6TH floor..

  4. B&WMinstrel

    I know! Cool Hand Luke! It was the belly full of eggs.

  5. catapostrophe

    How does he DO it?

    And by “it,” I’m not sure what I mean.

  6. Canadian tuxedo.

  7. I’m always behind this asshole at the Apple Store.

  8. “Here cums Sanna Claws,
    Here cums Sanna Claws,
    Right in fronna this store.”

  9. Swearin

    Santa Claus spends his off-seasons as the most conspicuous, drunken P.I. ever

  10. I wonder how many people tried to give him change.

  11. Boy, those stars will go to great lengths to keep looking young, won’t they?

  12. Brian

    “I reckon Bo and Luke are around here somewheres”

  13. cc

    He looks down and out.

  14. poor nick.
    he’s completely lost without his beloved yellow raincoat.
    damn you gaga.

  15. “Your move, Brahms.”

  16. Does he do this on purpose just to throw people off, or does he just not give a fuck?

  17. imstupid

    purseonally I think he looks great!

  18. Either this pap has his shutter speed set to “catch a bullet in flight” or Nick is completely arthritic.

  19. Phoenix

    “Just because every child can’t get his wish that doesn’t mean there isn’t a Santa Claus.”


  20. Every day he roams the Valley in a dogged albeit fruitless quest for fucks to give. This is exactly how I would look after a successfull career in show business.

  21. I know I left my refrigerator box in front of this store, who took it?

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