1. Yeesh, anyone want to tell that toddler he/she looks feminine?

    • beaddee

      The pink shirt doesn’t help either. Maybe they dress him in pink for shits and giggles so when people say, oh she’s so cute, they can mess with people and say, no, it’s a he! Maybe, just maybe they like those kind of cheap jokes on people. They need to stop messing with us.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        1 – That’s far closer to -if not actually being- magenta, than pink.

        2 – As short a time ago as the 1920s, mothers were being conditioned by manufacturers to dress their boys in pink, and their girls in blue (I won’t waste text on the reasons, but they existed). Anyone who thinks *pink is for girls and blue for boys* is simply showing a propensity to believe in at best superstitution, at worst brainwashing.

      • Thank you, Obi Wan Kenobi.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        A small thing maybe, but a lot of people reading TSF have kids, and they pass down/on such crap notions/perceptions as *absolutes* without thinking twice. Awareness is power.

  2. “Lets hurry now, before your dad finds out your missing.”

  3. Holy fuck that is a creepy looking little kid. It is like an exact mini replica of him especially in the face with a woman’s head of hair. Plus he looks like the more evil version of Damian.

  4. I’d like to show y’all my ‘lil Dangle.

  5. Damn, that kid looks just like him. Except the kids head is three times the size of the dad’s.

  6. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    That kid was born to play Stewie, if The Family Guy is slated to get made into a movie anytime soon.

  7. “Stewie…Look at the camera.”
    “Damn you vile woman!”

  8. Officer Dangle had a kid? I thought he was gay.

  9. Satan's Right Hand

    That looks alot like Gage from Pet Sematary.. “I played with Mommy, Now I want to play with you”

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