1. oh hells yeah.

    This is where I rehash the story about my buddy banging her (without even knowing who she was) in Manhattan, but im feeling lazy today

  2. This is good, this is very good.

  3. Cock Dr

    That is one hell of a lady figure.

  4. This is the reason Steve-O became sober. Soon…

  5. DeucePickle

    Yet somehow just not hot enough for Clooney

  6. Well, sir, she looks upbeat, slim, not at all a bitch… must be SOMETHING WRONG! RED ALERT!

  7. So, not pregnant with Clooney’s baby I take it?

  8. She’s amazing, although I wish she’d put on a few pounds.

  9. She’s amazing, although I wish she’s put on a few pounds…

  10. She is perfection. Always has been.

  11. Skeeter

    Always been a huge fan of her but she’s really walking the tightrope of being too skinny.

  12. Her knees are too strange looking to be Clooney’s next beard.

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