1. cc

    This isn’t the least bit erotic.

  2. B&WMinstrel

    Are you sure this isn’t another hilarious stunt by Amy Winehouse’s dad?

  3. … and Daisy Lowe is?

    BTW who the FUCK names their kid “Daisy”?

  4. They aren’t kissing.They are playing that classic game “How Does This Cigarette Make My Breath Smell?”.

  5. Pete Nice

    Eww. Gross , disgusting Cigarette Halitosis.

  6. Someone has a pretty low opinion of what people think is erotic. “Oh just show two chicks almost kissing, they love that”

    and all we can talk about is how shitty her breath must smell.

    Look, this is 2013…we’ve had The Internet for over 20 years. If you want to titillate, this PG rated stuff ain’t gonna work. You’re looking at a generation of men so jaded we can’t get off without a guy in a clown costume eating pudding out of a gaping anus.

    I’m probably not going to click “submit” on this one…

  7. I sat here watching this for 3 hours and this is as far as it goes.

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