1. “Are you telling me that’s Justin in a diaper being unloaded from his limo?”

  2. Deacon Jones

    “It’s called “Two girls, One Cup”…hot, right?”

  3. Beiber’s blue waffle is always tough to see.

  4. cc

    She’s looking at The Superficial pics of her making out with Biebs at the beach.

  5. Guess they found the Justin Bieber-Usher video.

  6. Swearin

    “What the hell is Franco doing to that alligator?! Turn it off, turn it off!”

  7. So of all the pics she had, she tweeted this?
    What a dimwit.

  8. Please tell me she’s previewing the deleted anal scene she was in from Spring Breakers!?

  9. “…and here is an audience reaction video when we showed Spring Breakers to lonely forty year old Comic-Con males.”

  10. Where’s the behind the scenes photo of Vanessa Hudgens going down on her?

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