1. elephantman

    Holly Shit Ray! What Happend?

  2. chicka

    does he have tattoos on his neck? how gangsta… oh wait

  3. mnsuperbee

    SHIT! That was Ray Liotta that sucked my dick for $10 behind the In & Out on Ventura? Well I’ll be damned….

  4. The lesson here: Never eat with Hannibal Lecter.

  5. Thirty-two hundred dollars he gave me. Thirty-two hundred dollars for a lifetime. It wasn’t even enough to pay for the coffin.

  6. What’s Joe Simpson doing in London?

  7. There’s the look of a one hit wonder.

  8. “I once ate me own brain, I did!”

  9. “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to look like shit.”

  10. Still in character after so many years have passed since he filmed that E.R. episode

  11. Skippy86

    “You really are a funny guy”

  12. shit! when did he turn 100?

  13. When did he fucking die?

  14. TomMot

    That whole Disney/Star Wars thing has hit Lucas pretty hard.

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