1. BP

    First In, Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. cc

    How to brighten up a dreary day? Kelly Brook

  3. Put your best boob forward.

  4. I have a serious problem with this woman. I’ve never had sex with her.

  5. I could pay off my student loans if I sold that car seat on Ebay.

  6. She looks so gorgeous getting out of that car, just like she looks getting out of my bed. *I wish!*

  7. Bouncy Castle

    It’s fupping freezing over here at the moment – put a bloody coat on, woman.

  8. henry hill

    yes, they are…..

  9. From the location of her foot, and the top heavy overbalanced pose, I can only assume she faceplanted into the sidewalk

  10. Patrick

    God bless that dress.

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