1. Cock Dr

    Attention whores can’t help themselves. LOOK AT US

    • Red

      Kylie is the ugly one.. but she has a hot body.. she is selling herself. Exactly how Kris taught her daughters. TO become C U N T S

  2. Sadsies

    Must be taking a study break from the GED for Dummies coloring book. I predict an arranged marriage to a man in her future.

  3. Dox

    Kardashian Log
    The Triumvirate is finally complete. We have leached the souls and color from this city and focused it back into Kim’s Ass. Soon, she will be fully operational.

  4. tom

    bunch of idiots

  5. ultra

    on three, say “i like anal!”

  6. George P. Burdell

    More quality parenting by the momager.

  7. I believe the scientific term for this is famewhorus sextapus.

  8. Not seen – Kris off camera angrily drumming a riding crop in her palm.

  9. Rovv7

    It’s as if all this technology was created for these crap ass whores.

  10. Ralph

    It’s just sad.

  11. You can see this one is super dirty. She is going to have about 5 sex tapes when it is all said and done.

  12. anonym

    whore it up.

  13. Kylie has to go hard to get any attention from the family. She’s under-aged so she can’t legally be whored out. But soon.

  14. Swearin

    I believe Kris Jenner had business cards for Kylie made up using this image

  15. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    PMK pitch: “Cross ‘Mean Girls’ with ‘High School Musical’ – lots of nudity, all the music, TWICE the camp of ‘Divergent’ … it’s going to be like printing MONAY!!!”

  16. ArtGirl

    Ah, the manifestation of low self esteem, in girls with nothing going on above their tits. I know, I know, K-whatshername would say I’m SUCH a “jealous hater”, but then I’m not the attention seeking future star, of a desperately contrived sex tape.

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