1. That’s just fucking ridiculous.

  2. Little Tongue

    The day her spanx give up will be the end of human race. We’ll all get squashed to death.

  3. George P. Burdell

    10 bucks says she can’t get that thing though the car door.

  4. Cock Dr

    The pounds of pressure per square millimeter on those heels is a very very very large number.

  5. Elisa

    Just check those poor SAGGED high heels under the weight of that
    TRUNK mmmmhhhuuuuauauauauauaghghhg

  6. Dox

    Excerpt from Kardashian Radio Logs
    *static* Hobbit actual to Mother Troll.
    Go ahead Hobbit, this is Mother Troll.
    Billy Goats Gruff have been successful, say again, the Billy Goats have been successful. Ass power is climbing to to 3%, all systems nominal.
    *static* Roger that Hobbit Actual, you are cleared for test firing, say again you are go for test.

    It was in that moment, that a small, unknown flight in Malaysia disappeared from radar.

  7. If Kim’s ass can fit between the curb and where you parked your car, then you’re in the wrong lane, dumb ass.

  8. “Excuse me miss Kardashian. The youth center down the street want their basketball back.”

  9. beaver eater

    Did I just see the kool-aid man?

  10. Freebie

    That ass is getting lower and lower every day. Gravity always wins.

  11. [sad trombone music]

  12. There must be enough natural gas, in there, to solve the US energy crisis.

  13. That cracking sound you hear , its the concrete giving out.

  14. robb7

    It’s mind boggling this heinous slut slob is photographed so often and there’s an interest in securing these photos by so many media outlets.

  15. Ralph

    If her hip measurement is 39″ (as she claims) I’ll suck her dick.

  16. cc

    So this is what Godzilla fights in the new movie?

  17. Biggest ass I’ve ever seen on a urinal.

  18. Jentilly

    Nice to see all that time spent at the gym *snickers* is paying off

  19. MoreMariaNow!!

    Those heels look like they are actually bending!! Or is it an optical illusion??

  20. hoi polloi

    She must have a poor soul following her around with a garbage can to catch the discharge, like the guys behind the elephants at the circus.
    Hopefully, the cursed tasked with clean-up wears an ankle bracelet tethered to a surfboard.

  21. And still, no baby in sight. I’m guessing she sat on the damn thing and killed it many weeks ago. Seriously, has anybody seen the baby recently? She’s been all over, photographed every damn day with her ass hanging out, but no baby.

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