1. noooooooo

    What the hell is the ad message?

    “Lancome – It’s not just for the gendered species anymore”

  2. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody.

  3. heahie

    She looks just like Justin Bieber.

  4. IRockSoxOff

    Stay golden, Ponyboy!

  5. raenea

    Justin Bieber sells makeup now? Sounds about right…

  6. Charmless Man

    Wow. Samantha Ronson is looking HOT!

  7. Staggering Leprechaun

    I’ve had sex with Pat for the past 43 nights. I still can’t figure out if Pat’s a man, or a woman.

  8. DonDopey

    This is Bieber. Bieber has bitch tits.

  9. DonDopey

    Also, the debate about whether or not she loves rock and roll is clearly over.

  10. Bucky Barnes

    Justin Beaver.

  11. everybody knows you never go full Ronson.

  12. Wrong again Emma.

  13. Undercover

    Once you go Bieber you never go back.

  14. Its Clay Aiken! He got implants.

  15. Dutch

    This has ruined me on Emma Watson AND skinny black jeans.

  16. kpatra

    i like her for going queer-y. no sarcasm.

  17. Rule one of rocking the pixie short haircut. Keep your duds extremely feminine or you WILL look like Tina Brandon. WTF Emma…

  18. Seat Filler

    How did the Bieber wax figure get loose already

  19. Snickers

    Long lost Jonas brother?

  20. Pill

    “Expelliarmus Erectionus!”

  21. ick-abod

    10 million strong…and growing.

  22. Happy Spillmore

    For All Day Feminine Protection!

  23. Never thought i would say this: Justin Bieber looks hot.

  24. cc

    So, Lancome has a new line out called ‘Homely’?

    Seriously, I always thought she was cute and had just the right amount of pubic hair and Lancome makes her look like THAT?

  25. Arzach

    Funny, had she still be with her long hair everybody should be drooling

  26. friendlyfires

    Not quite a woman …. but pretty much the answer to Herbert’s dreams!

  27. Did no one tell her that they already gave that role to Cate Blanchett?

  28. Rainbow

    Lancome are bringing out a mens line, right?

  29. steponme

    i hope they apply make-up both sides of her face this time. fuck the haters Juliet Lewis!

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