1. “Could they install one of those in a tampon?”

  2. I’d just say fuck it, throw out the micro robot, and get a new one. Heart surgery seems like a huge waste of time on a damn robot.

  3. tlmck

    Micro robotic heart surgery? Oh please. They are watching porn.

  4. BP

    Is this what Prince William has to look forward to ????

  5. “This technology is amazing – it’s like I can reach right out and pinch those nipples!”

  6. Inner Retard

    - So, if I do this I can stop my mother’s heart?
    - ?!
    - Of course we wouldn’t want to. That would be wrong. But hypothetically speaking…

  7. Seriously, is this mother fucker traveling 24/7?

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    How do they use these sausages during a heart surgery?

    Prince, that’s your hand you’re looking at.

  9. “so the blue guy is really a human…fascinating. Does the female one ever get naked?”

  10. Joe Tam

    He looks like all the seniors at a Florida retirement home.

  11. B&WMinstrel

    “Worried that every embarrassing thing you do will be filmed and passed around on the internet? Don’t be, you’ll get used to it.. I’m Prince Charles and this is Google Glass.”

  12. Wellington

    I think he really is watching an open heart operation with a cardiac surgeon, using the latest technology, which only a robot can help with now.

    Not the Tin Man getting a new heart from Dr. OZ.

    Really, this story is so lame!!!

  13. Prince chuck

    “I say Mummy, be a dear and pull my finger”

  14. “This technology is amazing! I could play with the virtual nipples on this heart patient for hours!”

  15. Anyone else remember “Virtual Valerie”? This is what it should have been.

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