1. “Thanks for coming tonight, Pauly Shore.”

  2. ben dover

    mmmm your high forehead reminds me of nicole
    what are you doing later tonight

  3. Now that is an awkward ‘I’m not gay’ man hug.

  4. I’ve had….the time of my life…
    and I’ve never felt this way before…

  5. JungleRed

    “Don’t bend your knee.”

  6. kurgen99

    When in West Hollywood….?

  7. Norman Reedus & Kevin Costner hug it out.

  8. Seriously how the fuck is this dude considered country and how is his ass not beaten to death by rednecks when he shows up for concerts?

  9. “Hey Keith, calm down man…”
    “No way man! Did you hear what Michael Chiklis said?”
    “Nice hair Beiber!”
    “I’m coming after you Chiklis!”

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