1. Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s genital reconstructive surgery and hormone therapy.

  2. I don’t think he’s going to make it as a woman. He’s going to be a forever WTF.

  3. Gustav Tranquil

    “Take a walk on the wild side”

  4. He works at Best Buy now?

  5. JoSmoBlo

    I’m so pretty, oh so pretty!

  6. All that sugar in his coffee drink is not good for his girlish figure.

  7. TheJoaker

    Is “put the lotion in the basket” a euphemism?

  8. you can just imagine him tucking his penis back and asking his mirror reflection if he’d fuck him

  9. Schadenfreude

    I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK.

  10. rican

    I wonder if she’s over Ahnold by now.

  11. -Bruce, now that you’ve won the decathlon, are you going to do?

    -I don’t know, maybe get married and divorced a couple of times. Maybe be a stepdad to a pornstar, whose biological dad helps acquit a double murderer. Maybe get a sex change. Something like that.

    -So then going to Disneyland is out of the question?

  12. Don Draper's Dad

    Such a delicate flower ….

  13. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Bruce’s Daddy issues are being resolved by changing into Mommy.

  14. Robb7

    A fucking family of freaks — all of ‘em!!!

  15. limeseeds

    Apparently his milkshake brought Brody, Casey, Brandon, Burt, Rob, Scott, Kanye and Lamar to the yard. Now what?

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