1. This how Chincken look

  2. JimBB

    I loved her on Blossom.

  3. Damn. Female Bruce Willis. How the fuck does this happen. Your mom is Demi Moore, but you get your dad’s features. There is no god.

  4. PassingTrue

    You could do worse, and her Dad is loaded.


    knock it off bruce, we all know its you.

  6. Can’t wait for the Willis family biography: A Chin Runs Through it

  7. From the nose down, she looks exactly like Bruce Willis. And from the nose up… exactly like Bruce Willis.

  8. Bane

    I leaning more to Jay Leno being their father.

  9. Hugh G. Rection

    Could use a little more makeup on the upper lip.

  10. Thats one hell make-up job the Bruce Jenner.

  11. All three of those poor girls just had no possible chance….. And this one is the cute sister.

  12. Nice hat, Madame Zola.

  13. Too bad she is dressed as a fortune teller and not a time traveller or she could go back in time and warn her mom not to have kids with Bruce Willis, no matter how fucking cool he is.

  14. Madonna'sTesticles

    Bruce Willis has signed on for the remake of Tootsie?

  15. The Last Girl Scout.

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