1. You see, Michelle? I’m not the only one with my husband’s hand up my ass…

  2. JimBB

    Statler and Waldorf would be spinning in their graves if they knew that green race-traitor was letting black people on the Muppet Show now.

  3. Okay, what’s long, green and smells like a Democrat? All together now…Kermit’s finger!

  4. Swearin

    “It ain’t easy being green.”
    “Kermit, have you ever heard of Jim Crow Laws?”

  5. It’s not easy being black.

  6. Cock Dr

    Thank you….great shot.

    • ThisWillHurt

      Not really. They cut Kermit off almost completely. That seems to happen to almost all of the Muppets.

  7. kermit's caption

    “she’s a HEEEEEE”

  8. They say my husband is the most powerful man in the world, Russia’s trying to split Ukraine, Syria’s shipping weapons to Iran to use against Israel, a planeful of people disappeared approaching China … and I get to play second fiddle to THIS?

  9. Michelle: Kermit, you remind me of one of my old coats.

  10. a comical puppet and a talking frog

  11. Man, who knew the First Lady is a furry.

  12. greatest. photo. ever.
    (outside of a dinklage, of course)

  13. Wow. Had to go and post a pic of that idiot Monkeyoid?

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