1. Oh, sure he looks good now, but this is going to start looking pretty dumb when he gets older.

  2. JimBB

    Very OG. And soon to be very OD.

  3. ben dover


    • dontkillthemessenger

      The Situation.

      I know he hasn’t been on TV in quite some time, but everyone forgot how he looks already?

  4. PassingTrue

    I always wondered who the model was for the sad clown face pictures. Now I know.

  5. This always breaks my heart. CAN’T WE DO MORE FOR OUR HOMELESS VETS?

  6. Swearin

    No, I’m pretty sure that’s Eminem in a Looper-type situation.

  7. Ya don’t look so tough now, do ya? Do ya? Oops, I apologize, I shouldn’t make fun of retards. My bad.

  8. ThisWillHurt

    Way to stand by your love of beards, Duck Dynasty.

  9. Little Tongue

    Pauly Shore and Steven Tyler had a kid?

  10. That is NOT Mickey Rourke……

  11. MarketingMike

    I’m pretty sure that’s NOT Mickey Rourke.
    If it is, when did he die?

  12. Danny Bonaduce is aging badly.

  13. Truk

    must be a having a “good face day”

  14. Dan

    Quickly morphing into a guido Fred Armisen

  15. “Homeless in the City” starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

  16. Schadenfreude

    Mel Brooks starring as Mickey Rourke.

  17. Tattoo parlor and a stupid mini coke, it is him. Also, someone should tell him he is not 17 years old and needs to dress his age.

  18. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Who beat the crap out of Al Pacino and then passed him off to the paps as Mickey Rourke?

  19. Looks like all that plastic is starting to sag. Doesn’t look good for the old chappy….

  20. “How did you guys find me? I’m wearing camouflage.”

  21. meeps!


  22. Jaime

    I’m having a hard time believing that’s Mickey Rourke.

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