1. You can almost hear that guys thoughts:
    “Please let her be looking at the Laker dancers!! Please lord, I need this!”

  2. NEOV

    screw him, I need it!

  3. Richard McBeef

    she looks weird here and dem hips are missing. jesus fuck the hips on that girl. dammnit, i just ruined another pair of my panties.

  4. I had to really look. It’s the chick in the glasses, right? Do I get a prize?

  5. Frank Burns

    In the right edge of the photo there is always a black woman saying “Damn, lesbos everywhere! And some old fool praying he’ll get a slice, ha!”.

  6. This is why she got divorced.

  7. fartbucket

    When men do it it’s called rape eyes, when women do it it’s called fucking hot.

  8. El Jefe

    The blonde lady with the fur has the look on her face of a woman that knows she is about to be traded in for a younger model.

  9. The Brown Streak

    “So that’s what asses are! Fucking glasses!”

  10. Swearin

    Well, I found my new desktop wallpaper

  11. Thank you Jebus.”

  12. tlmck

    And Emmy says: “I am definitely switching teams”.

  13. chmod

    “Stupid girls! Nerdy black framed glasses are what men really like.”

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