1. it had to be said

    Yoko’s a lesbian now?

  2. bonerspunk

    How long must we wait till he overdoses on propofol?

    • Trek Girl

      Uh, propofol? I doubt he would be using propofol.

      • Snack pack

        I think it has to do with that single stupid glove he stupidly wears all the stupid time. Like MJ used to. Before he OD’d on Propofol.

      • Trek Girl

        @Snack Pack: Oh, ok. I’ve only recently become aware of Corey Feldman, so I didn’t make the Michael Jackson connection. Thanks for explaining that to me.

  3. pretty scary

    the earth tones are blastin mah too cool 4 school meter into the stratosphere of trending dog. peace.

  4. GeorgeWBush

    You know she’s doing him with a big Michael Jackson [censored by ADMIN] strap-on

  5. You know he’s an authentic Corey because his sunglasses are on, and it’s at night.

  6. The Brown Streak

    So 80′s she even picked out an 8-bit dress.

  7. Colin

    It must take a lot of semen to get his hair like that.

  8. cc

    Is people’s fondness for nostalgia really so great that he keeps getting invited to shit?

  9. Danny Glover’s daughter looks awfully pale.

  10. cutthecrap

    somebody please remove that hair sword and stab him in the nads. Please, I can’t make sense of this senselessness.

  11. Fingergod

    Nice shades. “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

  12. tlmck

    They should show a later photograph when someone explains to her that the photo was not arranged by the Make a Wish Foundation.

  13. I thought Roy Orbison died?!?

  14. journalschism


  15. If I ever see this twat on the street I’m going to grab him by that fucked up hair tail thing and snatch it the fuck off his head!

  16. LegMan

    Dude, aren’t you like 50?

  17. Bigalkie

    Filmed in Stonervision

  18. chris breezy boxing academy

    not pictured: her self respect

  19. arnieblackblack

    She’s a failed UK fame-whore – Imagine how low you gotta go to have fame by association with this guy ?

  20. Good thing he got all that pirate treasure to live on.

  21. squishy

    Who? Who? And why?

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