1. Johnny P!

    Rose, unable to attend due to some ‘urgent, minor cosmetic surgery’, send Tila Tequila in her place. No one notices…

  2. She looks a little LaToya from that angle.

  3. MRF

    All bow down before her majesty, queen firecrotch.

  4. At least she didn’t hack the gams up.

  5. “who the fuck is standing on my hem!!! oh, uh…”

  6. “Does this dress make my bulge look big?”

  7. “See? You can’t even tell where the machine gun used to be.”

  8. Do_Freebird

    It must be tough to be 40 years old and suddenly realize that your relationship with Marilyn Manson is your life’s crowning achievement.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    About to go flying again. Why doesn’t she just wear a helmet?

  10. cc

    Just so I know if I ever go out for dinner…is a red velour jacket, a red tie, charcoal slacks and red pumas what dapper gentlemen are wearing this year?

  11. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    wow so that is what it looks like to get a blow job from her.

  12. The Brown Streak

    Dresses made of Sham-wow are both elegant and soaks up unwanted urnie instantly!

  13. uncle denial

    “Where is my dignity? I swear I had it when I left.”

  14. uncle denial

    Rose, heart, Coke. Rose, heart, Coke. It feels like I’m being sent a sign. Don’t tell me. I’ll get it. Rose, heart, Coke…

  15. pretty scary

    theres mitt romney being his usual suave and sexy guy next door.

  16. Pewpsock

    “See? I tucked it back.”

  17. linds

    carpet matches the drapes

  18. NOI


  19. tlmck

    That’s one way to take attention away from your face.

  20. Biff

    Sheesh…I thought it was Miley Cyrus…

  21. What's all this

    Give her some fake tits and tattoos and she’d look almost exactly like Tila Tequila.

  22. GuyLeDouche

    Whoa, that was an impressive one. Here everybody, smell this too and tell me what you think.

  23. Is this technically an upskirt?

  24. lily

    nice legs!

  25. seepage

    9:21 am est and no new posts…you guys are really tearing it up

  26. blahblahblah

    “I let Marilyn Manson’s penis go WHERE?”

  27. Dr. Nappy

    Sigh. I will admit I thought it was Tila too. That Rose has nicely shaped stems though. Good “getaway sticks” on her.

  28. hollyhood

    she’s looking for her self-respect, and possibly her career. too bad she won’t find either one.

  29. Jaycee

    Oh…there it is

  30. squishy

    Spread your wings and fly!

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