1. FDrBn

    Who? I guess folks are beginning to become famous solely for looking like a chick who got her start in the porn industry?

  2. it had to be said

    Oooh. What corner was this? I’ve got $40, a car, and a hard on.

  3. So all it takes to be famous now is a gigantic ass?

  4. Hah! you can see her bra strap! She is going to be SO humiliated.

  5. pretty vacant

    not really a smart move considering how so many people would run over kim kardashian with their cars if given the chance.

  6. All I can hear in my mind is Obi Wan saying “That’s no moon”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “I pulled a career out of my ass”

  8. Freod

    That does not look like a kitchen.

  9. The Brown Streak


  10. what?

    melissa molinaro actually has some sort of talent, which is a lot more than i can say for kim kardashian.

  11. cc

    And people laughed at my ‘Kardashian virus’ theory.n

  12. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    Is it me or is this what Kourtney Kardashian should’ve looked like?

  13. Cher X

    She’s trying way to hard now, with the Kim butt and pose. She needs to go a different route.

  14. Admittedly she does kind of look like Kim Kardashian but more in the younger, hotter sister who won’t answer my texts sort of way.

  15. anonym

    it’s the battle of the asses !

    and i like this one better than kim’s.

  16. tlmck

    I would hate to go through life looking like a Kartrashian.

  17. I find her to be a lot prettier than Kim. She looks like she probably isn’t so stupid or annoying, either. Let’s keep her instead.

  18. dur

    What’s with all of these white girls now trying to ft bodies like black girls? When you have to pay for it then its a fail.

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