1. B&WMinstrel

    Stop! Please. For the love of God, stop.

  2. Bubblin’ in Dublin!

  3. Dayumm…. Nice…

  4. I was wondering about the comment about Irish and Ass Shots……Yeah, if you import the asses from Brazil..

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    My favorite part of this pic is that based on the people on the left, these whores are standing around half naked in 35 degree weather.

    Their fathers must be so proud.

  6. I’ll take the tall one

  7. Imported ass. Brilliant.

  8. “I’ll take one of each, please. Yes, to go. My change? Why thank yo… actually never mind. I just finished what I was going to do.”

  9. Kojak

    Another place i shall cut from my “escaping Brazilian carnival” list.

  10. Cock Dr

    I think Jesus would be pleased.

  11. So St. Patrick drives the snakes out of Ireland, and to celebrate, they let a bunch of skanky Brazilian ho’s into the country?

  12. aya

    How to take out 5 chicks at once: ask them to stand on rail tracks, while facing the direction opposite of a coming train

  13. This looks like the beginning of a real good day and night, maybe weekend.

  14. If they just wait at the curb, I am pretty sure the bus will pick them up there.

  15. Grafikman

    Only chicks that shade in the entire city.

  16. rrr

    you know irish girls do tend to have a bit more booty than anglo saxon girls for some reason, they are WHITE WHITE WHITE, will never tan but have a little ghetto booty- amusing combination.

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