1. Chris

    Is there a plate glass window in front of her that I can’t see?

  2. I’m not sure HOW that dress is doing what it’s doing, but I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be doing it.

  3. TooCoo

    So that’s what pancake titties look like!

  4. Calling Aunt Jemima.

  5. Cock Dr

    That is one hell of a fabric optical illusion.

  6. And they said the Mammogram Dress would never catch on!

  7. The Dude

    What you mean by, Are my boobs painted on ???

    Look ! Look at the confetti !

  8. tlmck

    He is not very good at this tranny thing.

  9. Now they’re just airbrushing boobs on.

  10. what the hell IS going on with her tits here? seriously, I’m beyond confused.

  11. What is going on in this photo? It is just weird.

  12. I think it’s like one of those tuxedo t-shirts, only this has cleavage drawn on it instead.

  13. She looks like the Medals & Emblems display at the Army/Navy Store.

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