1. B&WMinstrel

    Ohio!… yeah that’s it, Dublin, Ohio!

  2. Bubblin’ in Dublin!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    That guy isn’t a wax figure?!?!!? Your bullshittin’.

  4. Dick Hell

    Quite the fashion show, if the folks on the red carpet aren’t fashionable enough check out the fat guy in the background.

  5. The sad part is that I always get invited to parties like this, but I’m the guy in the back with the goatee and outfit. And yes, I do leave the house thinking I look good.

  6. sc4play

    And here I thought that Otho had died

  7. Cock Dr

    Can we get some shots of that party as it was about an hour later?

  8. Who? Who? And who?

  9. The Dude

    Who ? What ? & Why ?

  10. I’m interested in the story of the guy standing in the background by the curtain. WTF?

  11. Mike Seaver’s mom is still a total MILF.

  12. peanut

    killer boots, man!!

  13. Lou Braccant

    Gezz, Joe Satriani has been working out!!

  14. Lou Braccant

    Wow, Joe Satriani has been working out!

  15. “Little girl, you’re going to need to bend those knees a whole lot more if you’re expecting any kind of respect or reciprocation…”

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