1. FattyFatty2X4

    The self esteem of the one in the red must be a disaster, Kim being your sister and all.

  2. That short one is u-g-l-y.

  3. Yeah, they’ll be fine…I’m sure of it.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    Meh, I’d watch ‘em fuck.

  5. The future of famewhoring. I bet Kris has got their sex tape partners line up already.

  6. ThisWillHurt

    “I can’t believe mom’s making us touch boobs.”
    “I don’t mind.”
    “Oh god.”

  7. mili

    It’s not easy to be the Kardashian’s sisters and have to arch your back so much to pretend you have a butt

  8. I’d be lying if I said I never……

  9. catapostrophe

    “Come play with us, Danny.”

  10. Cock Dr

    I’m sure they’ll both lead balanced happy lives…if they can escape the mind control powers of the matriarch.
    Looks like right now she’s firmly in control. She’s marketing her hyper-sexualized moppets good and hard.

  11. The Dude


  12. Bonky

    Kendall and Kuasimodo Jenner at The Heart Truth 2013 Fashion Show in New York City.

  13. “Mom said the great thing about cardiologists is they give complimentary boob jobs with their scoliosis treatments. She’s so smart.”

  14. Madame Tussaud is getting really good at these.

  15. they’re fucking teenagers , why are they at a function like this?? oh never mind. whoremomfromhell.

  16. Oh, this is just the traditional ritual coming-out when a Kardashian daughter gets her first period.

  17. Yeah, I can work with this. Let’s go girls.

  18. Contusion

    Jeez, these girls wouldn’t be remotely close to the hottest girls at their high school. This is just sad. Kendall needs to return that hairdon’t back to the ’80s.

  19. Juan Diablo

    They know that those Siamese twin guys died a long time ago, right?

  20. Spartacus

    Which one am I supposed to piss on?

  21. TheCynic

    They got their dad’s fake nose.

  22. After seeing the entire brood, I would consider Khloe quite lucky that she doesn’t have to live out back with Ruprecht the monkey boy.

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