1. Is Billy Bob gonna hafta smack a bitch?

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    is that him on his own shirt?

  3. Dick Hell

    He’d look good, standing next to James Carville.

  4. Sweet JESUS!! What is happening to everyone in Hollywood?! If you’re out of the lime light for at least three years it looks like your face starts to melt!!

  5. Little Tongue

    Jowls AND bifocals? Billy Bob is about to fall down, unable to get up. Sad.

  6. I betcha he’s sorry he let Angelina slip away – that could be him joined to her at the hip, schlepping 23 asian and african kids through the airport with his arms loaded full of diaper bags.

  7. tlmck

    Janice Dickinson, Billy Bob Thornton, and Steven Tyler apparently had the same parentage.

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